Tusk Report

A transparent, succinct digest of headline deal terms and key clauses and covenants
Bolster Due Diligence 

Quickly assess the creditworthiness of deals under consideration.

Expedite LP Communications

Easily produce detailed updates for LPs on current holdings.

Streamline Operations

Increase deal throughput and AUM growth through enhanced firm productivity.

Prime Features

Tusk Report condenses lengthy and unwieldy debt agreements into ~10-page digests that summarize all key deal terms and covenants.

Train a Spotlight on Covenants

Clear compilation of covenants helps teams avert breaches and identify unfavorable or poorly structured terms.

Corral Causes of Default

Gather all default events together in a concise, clear, streamlined list. Stay compliant and avoid the imposition of onerous cures.

Compare Terms

Quickly compare clause details across multiple deals through standardized & succinct report structure.

Credible Neutrality

Depend on CredCore’s independent, non-aligned status to deliver objective analysis.

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© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.