For Asset Managers

The Pioneering Edge of Enterprise Debt Investing & Management 

Asset managers evaluate new deals and allocate capital with increased speed and certainty to support AUM growth with CredCore’s advanced AI platform. Post-close, our tools bolster portfolio oversight.

AI Dedicated to Making Asset Managers More Efficient

Portfolio Monitoring

Compare investments across quantitative indicators and qualitative clause structures. Aggregate key data from multiple contracts.

Avert Breaches

Examine trends of key financial ratios in portfolio companies and identify emergent issues before violations occur.

Canvass Market Conditions

Evaluate deals against a backdrop of rich data with breakdowns by industry, covenant structure, and vintage/maturity years.

Increase Deal Throughput

Debt-focused workflow tools reduce research and admin-related tasks, allowing staff to focus on growing deal throughput and AUM.

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© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.