For Law Firms

AI-Driven Efficiency for Law Firms

Our debt-focused AI, powered by a massive repository of historical and current credit agreements, allows law firms to efficiently respond to client requests and allocate talent to strategic activities.

Uncover Deep Insights & Maximize Productivity

Scale Operations

Reduce operational costs and handle higher volume of assignments. Focus time on strategic activity with maximal value-add.

Canvass Broad Market Conditions

Leverage market intelligence to provide more informed client counsel. Extend internal knowledge base beyond your firm’s individual deal history.

Summarize Documents

CredCore summarizes debt agreements, with key clauses and covenants extracted and presented in streamlined format.

Examine Covenants

Special emphasis on covenants helps legal teams conduct comparative analysis and identify unfavorable or poorly structured terms.

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© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.