Tusk Query

Quickly Pinpoint Data & Details in Contracts through Debt-Focused AI
Boost Productivity

Eliminate the burden of research through thick document stacks and let AI do the heavy lifting.

Reduce Costs

Increase firm autonomy and lessen reliance on third-party experts.

AI + Experts

Debt-focused LLM supervised by senior credit experts assures response accuracy.

Prime Features

Leverage the power of AI to supercharge debt investing and management. Drastically reduce the time needed to research and obtain critical contract-dependent information.

Targeted Query

Drill down to find specific information located in any debt agreement.

Multi-Modal Inquiry

Choose between ~50 common queries or put forward open-ended, free text questions.

Deal-Specific Scrutiny

Examine individual contracts with deal-specific queries

Cross-Portfolio Analysis

Bring to light information that requires data aggregation across multiple deals

Democratized Access

Help new employees or individuals unfamiliar with corporate debt agreements get up to speed with deal structure and terminology.

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© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.

© Credcore 2023. All right reserved.